Article Promotion Tips

Dear Authors,
Congratulations on the publication of your article. Sharing and promoting your article form an important part of research, in terms of helping you to engage with your peers and the academic community as a whole, which in turn will help to encourage both usage and citations of your work. Here are some tips from MRE Press for promoting your latest article.

Social Media
Share your article on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook etc. You could communicate directly with your audience, share insights into your industry and work, or perhaps share your journey as you write your publication. Remember to tag some key people in your field, which might lead to retweets.
Update a blog to tell your readers about your latest article.
Share videos on social media such as YouTube, and embed them into your blogs and websites.

Link Share
Share the article link directly with your colleagues and peers.
Add a link to your article in your email signature is an extremely simple, yet very effective way of promoting your work to a large number of people.
Link your article to your personal and institutional websites.

Academic Research-sharing Platforms
Set up your profile on some academic research-sharing platforms, such as ResearchGate, and Google Scholar, and add a short summary of your article. (Note: Many platforms allow you to upload your published content such as journal articles.)
Register an ORCID author identifier and add the article information to your profile. Set your visibility to public to increase your discoverability.
Deposit your article in repositories, such as those run by your university, to make it more accessible to other scholars.

Present your publication at conferences in the form of a presentation or a poster, which is a great opportunity to mention your work to a large audience of your peers.

If you have any questions about article promotion, please contact MRE Press Journals.

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